Red Wine Vinegar, Ginger and Onion Bread

When Judit bakes...bread and better..

” One day, I’m gonna make the onions cry…” Tanya Bianco

As the cold weather approaches the old-fashioned comforting depth of the staple onion gains a new level of meaning. When served raw, when gently sweated to fondant softness, onions bring an earthy, decadent sweetness to a warming winter dishes. Onions are particularly rich sources of sulphur compounds and antioxidant flavonoids, which protects us against cell damage. Some research suggests that quercetin’s anti-histamine effect can help ease symptoms of asthma and allergies. Onions are also one of the richest sources of chromium, a metal which increases the action of insulin, and may therefore help control blood sugar levels. Slice them really thin, squeeze some lemon juice on top and add a little salt, sprinkling on top of hot soup for fragrance, add to salad for a flavoursome kick, or put it into bread for for an extra layer of tastiness in the loaf.

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