Gummy bears

While my All Fruit Gummy Bears may not be exactly like the real thing, more a cross between Jello Jigglers and Gummy Bears, they were a big hit with the kids and that’s good enough for me.



  • 1 can (12 ounces) unsweetened frozen fruit juice of your choice (Cascadian Farm has several unsweetened organic juices – our favorite is grape)
  • 4 1/2 tsp agar agar powder


  1. Place the juice in a small sauce pan and thaw.
  2. Once thawed dissolve the agar agar into the juice.
  3. Place over medium high heat and bring to a simmer.
  4. Lower heat to keep at a simmer and stir constantly for 5 minutes.
  5. Pour into candy molds or into an 8 x 8 glass baking dish.
  6. Cool for 2 hours or until firm.
  7. Pop the gummy bears out of the mold or cut with cookie cutters.
  8. Do a little dance while singing the gummy bear song and enjoy eating your own gummy bears!

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