– 6 T Agar Agar Powder (not flakes)
– 2 C Unsweetened Fruit Juice
– Pinch of Salt
– 2 T Granulated Sugar (not a liquid sweetener since it’ll change the consistency)
– Silicon Ice Cube Trays (I got mine in the dollar section of Target)


1. Gather ingredients. The juice I bought was sweetened already so I omitted the sugar. In a pinch, even Kool-Aid would probably work. Not as healthy but would probably taste pretty good. Edit: I just found out that the Golden Coins Agar Agar Powder I bought isn’t 100% Agar Agar. You’ll probably need half the amount listed in this recipe if you’re using pure Agar Agar.

2. Mix 4 T of the Agar Agar and sugar into the juice in a small sauce pan until completely dissolved.

3. Lay out your trays on a nice and even flat surface.

4. Heat liquid to a rolling boil. Continue for about 7 minutes until the liquid becomes the consistency of cough syrup. Add up to two tablespoons more Agar Agar if necessary. The original recipe said it would become as thick as glue but I never got to that stage. Allow to cool slightly (not too much or you’ll have one big fruit snack!)

5. Poor into ice cube trays and allow to cool completely. You can pop these in the fridge if you want to speed up this process. Who am I kidding?! You’re going to want to pop these in the fridge to get them into your kiddos outstretched and impatient hands ASAP! Should take around 10 minutes or less.

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