67 more days.

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Or less. This job is too much. Too much stress, too much of everything. Old Lady complains all day about everything.
And a week ago we have a family gathering. The Old Lady told everyone that I’m not doing my job, arguing with her and that there is not much work for me to do.
I don’t believed! I was speechless!
Than she told me that I can stay, but she will pay me less money.
I get up, found my voice and I said: “I’m not working one more day for one dollar less. I’m leaving tomorrow!!!” And I left the house. Anyway, it was my half a day off.
I’m not stupid. I know that I’m better and cheaper than average. 🙂 .
When I come back in the evening, she said to me: “Don’t go, I changed my mind. You can stay on the same pay.”

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