Cream filled horns with chocolate

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2 packs of good quality ready made puff pastry
A little butter to grease your metal horns
1 egg to egg wash pastry

250 ml fresh whipping cream , a teaspoon of vanilla essence and 1 tablespoon of icing sugar all whipped together until stiff peaks .

Some melted chocolate to dip the edges of the horns in or use a butter knife and spread the melted chocolate around the edges .

Some chopped glazed cherries

Icing sugar to dust over cream filled Horns .


Take out your pastry and roll it out on a floured surface just to thin it out a bit . Next cut 1 cm wide strips . Next take the pastry strip and spread a tiny bit of egg wash on it and wrap it around the greased metal horns making sure they overlap to form the horn shape . For small horns make thin pastry strips .. For the bigger horns simply cut the strips wider .

Next place a the horns on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and then egg wash the pastry .. Bake in a preheated oven on 200 def c until golden , about 15-20 minutes .

Next remove the metal horns .. If you struggle just ease it out with a knife . Allow to cool completely .

Next spread melted chocolate around the edges and allow chocolate to set . Next pipe in the whipped cream and place a small piece of cherry on top of piped cream , dust with icing sugar . And its that easy.

You can fill with caramel etc. Also you can make this a savoury treat by piping cream cheese into the baked pastry horn and add a piece of smoked salmon and dill . ( I used homemade flaky puff pastry , recipe can be found in the photo albums , which is optional ) .


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