Mango fridge tart




3 large mangos
1 tin condensed milk
1 large tin ideal milk that’s been chilled in your fridge overnight
2 packets of mango jelly
2 packs of tennis biscuits .


First dissolve your jelly in 2 cups of hot water and allow to cool till very cold , I simply put it in the fridge . Please take note that it should be so cold it becomes a little thick but not starting to set . This will ensure that the pudding do not split .

Next take 2 mangos and peel off the skin , remove all the soft fruit discarding the peels and pip – take the fruit and cut into small pieces and then take a fork and pulp it , not too much .

Next step – beat your chilled ideal milk in a cold bowl until it resembles whipped cream , about a minute with a electric Hand mixer , add your condensed milk and very cold jelly and whisk till well combined , next fold in the mango pulp .

Take your tennis biscuits and dip one at a time in a little orange juice and layer it on the bottom of your flat bowl or deep dish . Pour over half of the mango mix and spread evenly , next repeat the layering with remaining tennis biscuits that’s been dipped on orange juice . Pour remaining mango mix over second layer of biscuits and spread evenly . Put in fridge and allow to set for 3-4 hours . Pipe with fresh cream
And use the last mango peeled and cut into slices as garnish .

Tip – I only use fresh mango pulp as it taste so much better , try to get mangos that’s not over ripe as you want a bit of tartness . If you want your pudding to set a bit quicker add less hot water to your jelly powder . If you can’t find fresh mangoes you can also used the tinned preserved mangoes or simply replace with canned peaches .

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