Rica’s Sweet tooth started out just as a catering company with birthday cakes and cookies, we grew to a company that caters at International festivals, parties and various other events. Our cookies and cupcakes can be found all over Mexico. We specialize in South African dishes, American dishes, Mexican, Cape Malay, Palestine cuisine and Various other dishes.


In 2011 we decided that we will add our arts and crafts to the list as well, in 2012 we added clothing and Jewelry, most of our current products are African style. We are also starting to sell Mexican, Native American and various other clothing and jewelry.

bags (2)                                        work 074     toe thongs (11)                                    clothing (107)

We would like to thank our customers especially the once that come back, some daily some weekly. Without you we would not be the success we are.

Thank you

Maryna and Jeremy Baylis


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