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Rica’s sweet tooth has been offered more contract and orders from various people and countries we are trying to raise the funds for bigger premises. WE train sex traffick victiims to be able to have a career in catering or sewing. The victims become survivors with hope for the future please help us raise the funds.

African dolls


African dolls

Dolls come in 4 sizes 15cm, 30 cm, 45 cm and 60cm.
15cm beaded doll: Mexican pesos 75, USD 8, GBP 5
30 cm doll is $150 mexican pesos, GBP10, USD 15
45cm doll is $200 mexican pesos, GBP 25, USD 20
60cm doll is $300 Mexican pesos, GBP 35, USD 30

International postages: Postages to UK 7-10 day deliviery is GBP 8, up to 2.5kg

Postages to the USA is $5 USA dollars up to 2,5 kg.